ICE Develops New Raid Plan That Is Surely One For The Books!

ICE is about to show the sanctuary state of California who holds the reins of power in the United States and the battle over illegal immigrants. Soon, ICE will be flying in agents from all across the country and they plan to catch and deport 1,500 criminal aliens.

ICE officials refused to give details but the operation is thought to be happening within the next few weeks. Californian liberal politicians are up in arms and claim the ICE raids are a violation of state’s rights.

Of course, that is a total lie since the power to regulate immigration is assigned to the federal government and the states have no right to try to circumvent the laws.

From The Daily Caller

Previous ICE domestic operations under President Trump haven’t bagged more than a few hundred illegal immigrants at a time, but the organization did participate in a massive international gang enforcement operation that charged 3,800 gang members.

The coordinated action known as Operation Regional Shield involved law enforcement units from the U.S., El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. U.S. forces arrested more than 70 gang members; Guatemala charged 284; Honduras seized 14 businesses and arrested 12, and El Salvador charged more than 3,400 and made over 1,400 arrests.

Domestically, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been extremely hostile to sanctuary jurisdictions, and Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan holds the same view. Homan slammed Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown for signing California’s sanctuary state bill on Fox News earlier this month.

He warned that “California better hold on tight,” because if state lawmakers “don’t want to protect their communities, then ICE will.”

Politicians in California have sent a letter to DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen requesting that she intervene.

Fat chance of that happening. Sooner or later someone in the California government will go a step too far in protecting illegals and when they do the DHS or the DOJ needs to come down hard and fast with them.