Hundreds Protest Justin Amash in His District

Hundreds of Trump supporters showed up for a “Smash Amash” rally in his home district. His polling numbers are lousy and he is 16 points behind MAGA candidate, state representative Jim Lower.

He Jeff Flaked himself as he votes with Nancy Pelosi and has called for Trump’s impeachment. Amash was forced to resign from the Freedom Caucus and he has virtually no chance of winning in a district where President Trump is loved. Amash was barely able to pull out a win against his Democratic opponent in 2018 and his chances of even winning the primary is remote at best.

From The Gateway Pundit

The protest was called after the RINO Michigan Representative called for President Trump’s impeachment following the Mueller witch hunt.
The questionable investigation by eager Democrats cleared President Trump of any crimes of collusion or interference into the two year probe.

Patty and Leisa from 100% Fed Up were at the rally today and reported back that over 300 people turned out to protest the Trump-hating Republican.

Besides calling for impeachment, Amash has voted against funds for the wall, Trump’s emergency declaration and for holding AG Bill Barr in contempt.