Hillary and Obama Fired Benghazi Heroes and Left Them in Germany

What were they being punished for? Saving the lives of 20 Americans at the Benghazi compound? After fighting back the terrorists and saving many American lives, you would expect them to be awarded medals. But that is not what happened.

Also, they were fired the moment they arrived in Germany! The State Department, under Hillary Clinton, yanked security clearances, ensuring them they would never work at their specialty again. Not only that, but they abandoned and forced them to find their own way home. Did the terrorists file a complaint against the heroes with Barack and Hillary?

Jason Chaffetz: You know what happened when they actually got home? Those people saved dozens of American lives. When they got home you know what the State Department, Hillary’s State Department did? They took away their security clearance so they couldn’t get a job. It’s unbelievable. That’s how they treated these guys. When they were there in Germany. When they were there in Germany. They didn’t send them home. They didn’t offer them plane tickets. They just told them they were released. They had to pay for their own plane tickets to get home.

From The Gateway Pundit

Barack Obama knew about the Benghazi Consulate terror attacks 90 minutes after they began on 9-11. The attack in Benghazi took place in two waves at the consulate and lasted several hours. Libyan “looters” (terrorists) found the body of Ambassador Chris Stevens hours after the attack began.

FOX News Special Report said the president knew about the attacks three hours after they began. Obama went to bed.

It seems like Obama was more upset Kris Paronto and his team, working for the CIA, fought off the terrorists. Rather then the terrorists attacking the compound, killing four people. I wonder why that is.