Hawaiian Senator Claims Accusers HAD Evidence

What is it about liberal women and low IQ’s? Mazie Hirono, a liberal nimrod from Hawaii, claims that Kavanaugh’s accusers had evidence. On what planet. The few facts they did offer were all debunked. As far as evidence for Kavanaugh, that was always an impossibility.

If I accused you of luring young kids into a van 36 years ago, with the offer of candy and a free puppy, what proof would you, or could you offer to dispute that? I guess Hirono, realizing she had nothing good she could say about the accusers, decided just to make stuff up.

From The Gateway Pundit

Mazie Hirono: I certainly believe Dr. Ford. Anybody watching her testimony would know, I’d say, would conclude that she was being very truthful. And the one thing she recollects with 100% accuracy is that Judge Kavanaugh, that Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her.

Dana Bash: You think that Senator Collins is insulting to Professor Ford?

Mazie Hirono: Well, to say that she thinks that Dr. Ford thinks that she was assaulted. What is that? Is she mistaken? She, herself, said that she heard from so many survivors from her state and elsewhere… I also note that in your interview she also said that there was no corroboration. Um, there was not corroboration on Brett Kavanaugh’s bald assertion that he didn’t do it. Because the people that the FBI interviewed which was a small number of the dozens that they should have interviewed they all said that they have no recollection. That is hardly what I would call exoneration. But on her side there was corroboration because she had talked about this assault to her husband to others before Brett Kavanaugh was ever nominated to the Supreme Court.

The truth is, of all the alleged witnesses Ford said she had, all four said they were never at such a party and that includes best friend. Leland Keyser told the FBI that Ford friend, Monica McLean and her lawyer tried to pressure her into lying about the incident.