GOP Better Wake Up After This Deep-Red Seat Loss

credit: Danny Birchall / flickr

Mike Revis, the Democratic candidate, took the House for the deep-red state of Missouri beating out David Linton in a special election runoff to replace John McCaherty, who left the office to focus on his run for Jefferson County executive.

Trump won the largely Republican district by a margin of 61-33 during the 2016 election, so WTH happened?

“Representative-elect Mike Revis’s victory tonight will undoubtedly send another shockwave through the GOP as we continue to run the best candidates focused on addressing local issues and improving their neighbors’ quality of life,” Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Jessica Post said in a statement.

“The DLCC continues to be impressed by our dedicated and talented slate of candidates, who have stepped up to run in these precedent-setting special elections.”

Quite a few special elections have happened all across the country with perhaps the most notable being that of the Georgie Special Election.

Karen Handel, a veteran Republican officeholder, beat out newcomer and Democratic Jon Ossoff for the House. This particular election was seen as a mainstay of whether or not Trump had staying power.

The Democrats threw TONS of money ($25 million from progressives across the country eager to express their anger at Mr. Trump. ) into Ossoff, sure that he would win.

While we managed that one and others… they’re going to keep making these power moves… one may even speculate that they’ll start pulling plays out of the Deep State Playbook.

As reported by NY Times:

Addressing supporters in Atlanta, Ms. Handel noted with pride that she had become the first Republican woman sent to Congress from Georgia, and she pledged to represent all of her constituents, including Mr. Ossoff’s supporters. But she made clear that she would work to pass major elements of the Republican agenda, including health care and tax overhauls.

“We have a lot work to do,” Ms. Handel said. “A lot of problems we need to solve.”

For Democrats, the loss was demoralizing after questionable “moral victories” in two earlier special election defeats, for House seats in conservative districts in Kansas and Montana. Mr. Ossoff appeared so close to victory that Democrats were allowing themselves to imagine a win that would spur a wave of Republican retirements, a recruitment bonanza and a Democratic fund-raising windfall heading into the 2018 midterm elections.