Giuliani Drops Bombshells Revealing HUGE Money Laundering Operation….The Bidens and Burisma

Rudy Giuliani promised last week to start exposing what he found about about Ukrainian corruption and it’s effects on the US and our election. We know that Joe Biden had Ukraine’s top prosecutor fired, but did he also have him poisoned?? Rudy was given medical records from Viktor Shokin that records that he was poisoned and actually died twice, was revived and later made a full recovery. I’m sure Joe Biden was not involved but someone didn’t want Shokin talking.

Yuri Lutsenko, Shokin’s predecessor also spoke to Rudy and he revealed something that proves that Schiff witness Marie Yovanovitch committed perjury during the impeachment hearing. She claimed that she knew nothing about the money laundering used to -pay Hunter Biden and his business partner who was also on the board of Burisma.

The money was sent to Latvia disguised as a loan to a tech company and from there was transferred to Cypress disguised as a loan to a tech company there and that money was used to pay board members.

Lutsenko also said that he had informed Yovanovitch in a letter that $7 billion dollars was stolen in Ukraine and ended up being traced to the United States and a company named “Franklin Templeton Investments.” Lutsenko says he asked Yovanovitch to help him by putting him in contact with US law enforcement but that she refused to do so. He also claims that Yovanovitch committed a second act of perjury when she said she did not deny Ukrainian officials visas to travel to the United States to share what they knew about corruption and payoffs.

Lutsenko said:

 “I was once again shocked when madame Yovanovitch told two members of the committee that Lutsenko asked me to organize his meeting with American attorney general, but you know gentlemen that there is a procedure for this she told, the procedure that Lutsenko should even — must give us and short topic what points he want he wants to discuss with American law enforcement bodies and Yovanovitch said he never gave us such an information.”

“I have bad news for madame Yovanovitch. This is my letter to request for cooperation in investigation against the criminal organization of Yanukovytch regarding possible investment in the US-based mutual and other funds for the purpose of money laundering.”

When can we expect charges of perjury against Yovanovitch?