George Zimmerman Claims to Have Uncovered Massive Corruption in His Prosecution..Main Witness Was an Imposter

George Zimmerman is suing everyone over the prosecution of his case and the defamation it caused him. His main claim is that Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend who testified at his trial was an imposter. The girl that testified was Rachel Jeantel, an 18 year old ninth grader with a severe learning disability.

His real girlfriend, Diamond Eugene had refused to testify the way Martin’s parents and the prosecutor wanted her to. The defense was told that Martin’s phone was broken and none of the data could be retrieved. But, the phone wasn’t broken according to Zimmerman’s lawyers. A check of the phone showed that Martin and Eugene spoke hours a day and their text messages spoke of love and sex.

Evidently, according to Zimmerman’s lawyers, there was exculpatory evidence on the phone they did not want Zimmerman to know about. Zimmerman is suing Trayvon’s parents, both girls, the state of Florida and the prosecutors for $100 million.

The lawsuit came about after a film called “The Trayvon Hoax: came out and revealed the amount of corruption that took place. It looks like this will drag out for a couple more years.

From The Daily Caller

Prosecutors initially had no contact with Eugene except through Fulton, but on April 2, 2012, they insisted on meeting her, so Fulton led them to her residence, it says. They knocked on the door and were referred to a different house, where Jeantel answered and claimed to be Diamond Eugene.

“Defendant Eugene could in no way be mistaken for Defendant Jeantel, who was 2 years older, 5 inches taller, and about 120 pounds heavier than Defendant Eugene. Defendant Fulton was alarmed and immediately called Defendant Eugene, who tweeted at about that same time at 6:27 PM ‘Trayvon Martin Mom just called me’ and at 6:32 PM ‘She thought I was Trayvon Girlfriend, Asking Me Hella Questions,’” the lawsuit said, citing phone records and social media records.

Nevertheless, Fulton went back inside and sat next to Jeantel as she was interviewed, without telling prosecutors “what she knew, that Defendant Jeantel was not Defendant Eugene, that Defendant Jeantel was not Trayvon’s girlfriend, that Defendant Jeantel was not the girl she had met with in her home on March 19, had spoken with 7 times, had texted with some 30 times, had driven back to her home at 2648 Flamingo Drive on March 19,” it continued.