Did Fusion GPS REALLY Get Access To The FBI? Perhaps… [VIDEO]

Speculation says that the real reason that Fusion GPS hired Nellie Ohr, the wife of Bruce Ohr, who lost one government job and been demoted from a second one, was to buy access to her husband and the FBI.

Bruce Ohr met with both Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS founder, Glenn Simpson without the FBI’s knowledge. When you want to pay off a politician or a public figure, the best way to do it is through a relative. A wife is perfect since they share the household money. This deal sure does smell funny.

It’s beginning to appear that there was collusion in this election between Fusion GPS, Hillary, DNC, mainstream media and high ranking FBI officials. I wonder how many Democrats wished they had never brought up the Fake Hillary dossier or the Trump collusion hoax? They have gathered no evidence against Trump but plenty against Hillary and the Democrats. This is serious business.

They colluded to defeat Donald Trump. Of course, he beat them but it has been a nuisance.

Daily Caller reports:

“The money sweetened the pot for the Ohrs, and it certainly made it easier for Fusion to get the dossier to be used before the court if they made that payment to Bruce Ohr’s wife,” former judge and Texas GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert told The Daily Caller News Foundation,

“Fusion had to have known that because of the relationship between Bruce Ohr and his wife, they were bringing Fusion, the DOJ and the DNC together under one roof to work for the same goal, which was to stop Donald Trump from becoming president,” he said.

“The financial arrangement between Mrs. Ohr and Fusion GPS gives the appearance of government-for-hire,” said Tom Anderson, an ethics expert at the conservative-leaning watchdog group the National Legal and Policy Center. It “appears to be a sophisticated scheme to get access to the highest levels of our government … ensuring the use of government resources in an attempt to influence an election.”

Parties seeking to hide ethically questionable payments often write the checks to a family member. Since spouses generally share assets, payments to one benefit the other, and paying the spouse can make the payments less obvious or harder to trace.

The problem with a case like this is that you almost need a confession to convict on bribery charges in a case like this. But in an election year, you don’t need a conviction to have an impact, you just need the public’s perception.