Dear America: Do Not Treat Riots Like The French

During the holiday season immigrants rioted and burned approximately 1,000 cars and now the French government is laughing it off and downplaying the actions.

They are being aided by a French sociologist who says that when they rioted and burned 1,000 cars they were just participating in horseplay.

“French Sociologist Michel Wieviorka claims that the acts of vandalism are ‘above all, playful’ and that they do not have a political dimension.”

I’m not sure the owners of the 1,000 cars would agree. Sooner or later the French people are going to stand up and demand their government listen to and obey them. Nah, just kidding. Had you going there for a minute, didn’t I? But they might write a really nasty letter. Whether they would mail it would be a different story.

From The Conservative Tribune

The sociologist, who has written several books about “social change,” admitted that immigrant “youths” were most likely behind the arson attacks.

“It’s obvious that they are youths from lower-income neighborhoods,” he told 20 Minutes in French, according to a translation. “It was said that they were young people from the working class, immigrants.”

It should be pointed out that “immigrant youths” is a frequent European euphemism for Muslim migrants. After Portugal, the two most common countries for immigrants to enter France from are Algeria and Morocco. Both those source nations have nearly 99 percent Islamic populations.

The fact is that France isn’t alone in covering up for immigrants and the crimes they commit. Germans can certainly relate. Two New Year’s Eves ago, women were sexually assaulted in large numbers and this year the government made “Safe zones for women.” The Muslim immigrants had the run of the whole country but German women were very limited in where they could be safe.

They too, downplayed it as the number of women kept climbing from the few the police and the government originally reported until the total number was in the hundreds.

If you found out your child had torched a car, would you just say they were being playful before or after you wailed the tar out of them?