Fox News Host Drops a Bombshell About Plot To Destroy Evidence [VIDEO]

Fox News Host,  Maria Bartiromo was interviewing Rep Bob Goodlatte, House Judiciary Chairman and they were discussing the FISA memo and the Strzok/Page texts. During their conversation, Bartiromo dropped a bomb. She told Goodlatte that she was told that Strzok and Page discussed destroying evidence.

Bartiromo said:

“After the election, they talked about this secret society, did they also talk about destroying evidence?” 

Before Goodlatte could answer she said:

“I’m told there are some texts that haven’t been released yet about ‘we gotta get our hands on the hard drive or we gotta get our hands on the thumb drive’.” 

From The Gateway Pundit

Sidestepping the question, Rep. Goodlatte replied, “Well, there is certainly a lot of questions about things we do know about, with regard to the earlier investigation, led by former Director Comey, where evidence was destroyed, before anybody outside of the FBI could get a look at it.”

Only 15 percent of the “missing,” text messages between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page have been handed over to Congressional investigators, reports Byron York of the Washington Examiner. The Justice Department says roughly 85 percent of the texts are still in the process of being retrieved. However, as York tweeted Saturday, Congress still shouldn’t expect to receive the entire batch because a “[m] ajority [are] deemed personal, or withheld for other reasons.”

Who knows what the next batch of emails will reveal or if the Deep State will actually allow them to see the light of day, which is a real possibility. The IG of the DOJJ has notified members of Congress that as he recovers more text messages, he will turn them over to the DOJ leadership, who will decide what they get.