Four States Seek To Ban The Use of Sharia Law In Their Courts

Four more states are looking to follow the example of Texas and Arkansas, banning the Use of Sharia in their courts. Of course liberals complain about these new laws which they call racist. I say that if liberals want to be judged by Sharia , we should let them. You get your tongue cut off for lying and your hands cut off for stealing. There would be an awful lot of Democrats who are mute and have no hands.

The four states with laws tat are about to vote on the ban. Because of accusations of Islamophobic is so prevalent, the bills were written to ban the use of any country’s laws in the state courts. That will allow the laws to meet constitutional standards. The four new states looking to ban Sharia Law are  Colorado, Connecticut, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

From The Guardian

Heidi Beirich, an expert on anti-Muslim hate groups at the Southern Poverty Law Center, sees the rash of state bills as signs that the provocative language coming out of Trump’s circle is having an impact. “At the state level, the number one push for anti-Muslim activists is anti-sharia bills. It’s a recurrent effort.”

Trump himself called for all Muslims to be barred from entering the US when he was a presidential candidate, a sentiment that he has only barely tempered in his drive for a travel ban on several majority-Muslim countries. Several of the individuals he chose as key advisers also have a controversial track record.

The Guardian UK newspaper is an apologist for Islam despite the fact that Great Britain in general and London in particular have been a target for Muslim extremists many times over the past 10 years. Ditto, the mayor of London who is also a Muslim and a apologist for terrorists. At the same time, they criticize President Trump for taking on the terrorists. They probably cried their eyes out as he and his military leaders drove ISIS from Iraq and Syria.  Perhaps the Guardian could change their name to the Chamberlain.

Anyone who doesn’t bend over and kiss the feet of the terrorists are labeled bigots by the Guardian. You have to wonder who they are guarding.