Former State Dept Official Confesses to Being Go Between From Hillary to Steele

Now we have proof positive that the Hillary campaign was funneling information to Steele to pass on to the FBI. Former Obama State Department Official Jonathan Winer confessed today that he was the one who passed fake information from Hillary’s right-hand man, Sidney Blumenthal to Hillary Dossier author Christopher Steele.

Let Adam Schiff deny this again. You know, liberal voters won’t catch on that Hillary paid for a document that her campaign wrote. They won’t see this as wrong, although if Trump had done this to Hillary, they’d be screaming bloody murder.

Evidently, Jonathan Winer wanted to get in front of this story since he would have been named shortly as the State Department official who made the handoff. The number of possible inmates keeps growing by leaps and bounds. Winer wrote an Op-Ed for the Washington Post he named “Devin Nunes is investigating me. Here’s the truth.” Who is he kidding? The truth? maybe or maybe not.

We’ll soon see.

We do know now that Hillary probably lied when she claimed she didn’t know about the Hillary dossier until January of 2017 when her hatchet man passed on information from Blumenthal as early as September of 2016. Winer claims that he was alarmed by Russian collusion with Trump. What collusion?

It would be difficult to believe that Hillary didn’t know what her bestest buddy Sidney was doing.

From Breitbart

According to Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson, the FBI contacted Steele in September, and met with him in October, a month before the election. According to a Wall Street Journal report, FBI agent Peter Strzok was, in August, trying to move aggressively to investigate Trump as the election approached.

It has been revealed through text messages between him and his lover, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, that they were both vehemently anti-Trump and against him becoming president.

Winer claimed innocence in his op-ed, arguing he was so “alarmed” by Russia’s role in the 2016 election that he passed on Steele’s information to Kerry, and Shearer’s memo to Steele. He also made a plea for Americans to turn their attention away from the FBI and his role in the investigation and back to “Russian interference” and whether Trump colluded.

It should not surprise you that Winer thinks everyone should forget about him and Hillary and concentrate on Trump’s collusion.