Fellow Student Kyle Kashuv Hits David Hogg With a Dose of Reality

Many of you may not know who Kyle Kashuv is but that’s because he scares the hell out of the lamestream press.

He is about the same age as David Hogg but he is thoughtful, articulate and they can’t make him look like a fool and he is free to attack David Hogg because he is a “kid” too.

Kyle, unlike Hogg, is a gun advocate who believes that instead of blaming guns, people should be blaming the local police and the FBI for not taking action against Nikolas Cruz before he went on a killing spree despite all the warnings.

He also criticizes the Cowards of Broward who remained outside as people were dying inside.

Hogg’s most recent rant is against Laura Ingraham who was a meanie for pointing out that his GPA is what kept him out of the UC universities. Hogg got his feelings hurt and called for a boycott.

Seventeen advertisers have now left Ingraham’s program. This had nothing to do with Hogg’s gun grabbing agenda, it was because his tender feelings were hurt.

“this is just sad I’m so sorry to all those @IngrahamAngle has hurt we are here for you #BoycottIngramAdverts https://t.co/TG2YK8QTi1

From The Conservative Tribune

 Now, without going into whether Ingraham’s decision was a bad one, she’s since apologized for it, and nothing vulgar or conspiratorial was said about Hogg. (The same can’t be said for those who lashed out at Ingraham, mind you.)

However, Hogg has given his entire Twitter feed over to Ingraham’s removal. Oh, and there are also tweets about how RedState got a story wrong because of a profoundly bad CBS News quote.

“I road my bike back to school at around 6:00 pm that night after I had gotten home from the shooting my sister was crying so much I couldn’t stand not being able to do anything about it because at the time we knew at least 2 of her freinds had died and it would take 36 hrs to”

It was at this point that Kyle decided to add a little common sense prospective to his classmate’s whining:

“When you interject yourself in public discourse you should expect criticism and to be fact checked. It’s that simple. I don’t care how old you are or what you went through.”

When you want in the spotlight you have to expect any sort of criticism from any angle, at all times. We Agree, Kyle.