Feinstein Snubs The American People In Latest Bill Proposal – Patriots Need To Step Up After This!

Leave it to the Democrats to snub Americans in favor of those who break the law and come to this country illegally. It was first brought up when Obama was president and even he rejected it because it would attract even more illegals. So, what does the bill do?

Essentially, it would prevent the immigration officers from separating kids from their parents, which means they can’t arrest illegals with kids. In this country, every day thousands and thousands of American citizens are arrested and their kids taken from them. Yet, if one of them would tell the judge he was arrested illegally, the cops and the judge would laugh them out of court. Should this bill pass Illegals would do this on a daily basis.

The bottom line is that the illegals must face the same thing as American citizens do, This is an inherently unfair attempt to keep a lot of illegals from being arrested for their crime. This is not equal protection, it’s special protection. You could even say it’s Democratic voter protection.

From The Washington Times

Homeland Security says it’s a misguided attempt.

“We don’t have a policy of separating families. If you commit a crime in this country, the police will take you to jail regardless if you have a family or not,” said department spokesman Tyler Q. Houlton. “Illegal aliens should not get preferential treatment because they happen to be illegal aliens.”

Banning separation could effectively end the zero-tolerance policy for parents, making it impossible to charge them with crimes, some analysts said — effectively creating a loophole in the immigration system for adults who drag children to the border with them.

Mrs. Feinstein’s office didn’t respond to a request about that loophole.

Even the Obama administration, which took a much more lenient view of illegal immigration, argued against creating incentives for illegal immigrants to bring children with them. Not only do they face a harrowing journey, but some migrants and smuggling organizations have been found to abduct children in order to pretend to be families when they reach the border, the Obama administration said.

Hundreds of children have had to be taken from purported parents at the border this year either because of abuse or smuggling allegations.

Mrs. Feinstein’s bill would still allow for separation in those cases.