FBI Arrests Puerto Rico Senator, 7 More in Corruption Probe

The FBI has arrested a Puerto Rican senator and seven others in a corruption investigation. Federal authorities refused to name the charges at this time but assures reporters that they will be named shortly. Rumors are it has something to do with services that were charged for but never delivered. The Senator that was arrested is Abel Nazario and the other seven are not yet named. Nazario was previously arrested when it was discovered that he forced all of his workers to donate two hours a day. He agreed to pay $577,000 to make up the lost wages.

From Breitbart News

FBI spokeswoman Limary Cruz told The Associated Press that the U.S. Attorney’s Office would issue more details soon. She declined further comment.

Puerto Rico Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz asked for Nazario’s resignation shortly after his arrest.

“It is unfortunate for him and his family, but even more so for the people of Puerto Rico who watch with anguish events that lacerate the trust in government institutions,” Rivera said in a statement.

The arrests come as Puerto Rico recovers from recent political turmoil that saw the resignation of the island’s previous governor following massive protests spurred in part by anger over corruption.

Edgardo Rosado, a spokesman for Nazario, told the AP that the senator is innocent, adding that the arrest is tied to an ongoing federal case involving people accused of charging the U.S. territory’s government for services never provided. Several suspects have already been accused, including the former director of the Puerto Rico Senate Government Affairs Office.

Federal authorities previously arrested Nazario in September 2018 and accused him of defrauding his employees while serving as mayor of the southwest town of Yauco. They said his employees were required to work two voluntary hours a day, which the Department of Labor identified as a violation.