Faux Republicans Working With Democrats to Grant Amnesty to 1 Million Unskilled Illegal Aliens

With Republicans like we have in the Senate, why do we need Democrats?

There are some Republicans yet to be named that are working with Democrats to offer amnesty to about 1 million illegal migrant farmworkers. Now, I know that many of you are thinking that 1 million farmworkers will not hurt Americans, but you are dead wrong.

The moment they get green cards that allow them to work anywhere, why would they stay on the farms and continue to make wages that are significantly lower than working in a meatpacking plant or in a warehouse somewhere?

Look at what happened in Mississippi when ICE raided six meat processing plants, catching over 400 illegal aliens. Those plants did not dare hire more illegals, so what did they have to do to get a workforce?

They raised the hourly wage by 3 dollars an hour or $120 a week not counting overtime. Those plants could lower the wages back to 12 dollars an hour or even less, suppressing wages for American citizens.

Let’s hope President Trump uses his veto pen on any such bill. Because those million illegals will then become eligible to bring relatives here with chain migration and that million will become 3 or 4 million.

From Breitbart News

Republican legislators are working with Democrats to pass an amnesty for roughly one million illegal migrant farm laborers, according to a top Democrat staffer.

“We have been working on on a package that both provides a good legalization program for undocumented farmworkers to come out of the shadows,” said David Shahoulian, a top staffer on the Democrat-run House Judiciary committee.

In exchange for providing the Democrat Party with a new population of government-dependent voters, the GOP’s farm companies would get cheap, flexible, and legal labor, according to the Democrat staffer.

The deal “provides reforms to the H-2A [uncapped visa worker] program to make it kind of a more streamlined program, kind of an easier to use, you know, kind of more business-friendly-but-still-protect-workers kind of program,” he told an October 7 meeting of migration advocates at Georgetown University.

The deal is “a typical unholy alliance between the cheap-labor [business] interests and the more-migration [political] interests,” responded Jessica Vaughan, policy director at the Center for Immigration Studies. It shows that the Democrats are willing to “abandon their interest in protecting guest workers in order to get an amnesty,” she added.