Ex Secret Service Agent: McCabe Tampered With Evidence

Ex Secret Service agent Dan Bongino says that the other shoe is about to drop on former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. He believes that McCabe ordered FBI agents to change their 302 reports. Every time an agent interviews a witness or a suspect, they fill out form 302 and uses that to record their notes on the interview. It is now believed that was the real reason McCabe was fired. That’s known as obstruction of Justice. If true, McCabe will probably be fired before his retirement date comes around, costing him his 2 million dollar pension.


Reporter Sara Carter says she has learned from multiple sources that McCabe ordered agents to alter their 302 forms si that he could exonerate Hillary. The New York Times reported that Chris Wray confronted McCabe over something that is in the report being prepared by IG Horowitz and that he was fired but allowed to resign.

PJ Media reports:

“I have been told tonight by a number of sources … that McCabe may have asked FBI agents to actually change their 302s,” Carter told host Sean Hannity.

The 302 form contains information from the notes an FBI agent takes during an interview of a subject. It is used by FBI agents to “report or summarize the interviews that they conduct.”

“So basically every time an FBI agent interviews a witness, they have to go back and file a report,”Carter explained.

Hannity pointed out that, if true, it would constitute a case of obstruction of justice, and Carter agreed. She said the matter was being investigated by FBI Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

“If this is true — and not just alleged — if this is true, McCabe will be fired,” Carter said. “They are considering firing him in the next few days. If this turns out to be true,” she added.

The other problem McCabe has is that he sat on the information that classified emails were found on Anthony Weiner’s computer. He did not inform anyone until someone came forward and exposed him for the dirty cop he is.

Washington Post reports:

The inspector general, Michael E. Horowitz, has been asking witnesses why FBI leadership seemed unwilling to move forward on the examination of emails found on the laptop of former congressman Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.)until late October — about three weeks after first being alerted to the issue, according to these people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive matter. A key question of the internal investigation is whether McCabe or anyone else at the FBI wanted to avoid taking action on the laptop findings until after the Nov. 8 election, these people said. It is unclear whether the inspector general has reached any conclusions on that point.

All I have to say about McCabe is………..Lock him up in a room, then throw the room away.