Here’s How Some Lefties Responded To Trump’s SOTU

If you happened to watch the State of the Union speech from President Donald Trump then you know it was EPIC!

Our POTUS proved he’s not playing around but also proved he’s willing to work with the Dems on some issues — such as giving 1.8 illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

During his speech you could hear Dems often murmuring and even quietly booing his plans and his goals — clearly, they weren’t listening as he did pretty dang well!

While he was giving his speech I wanted to see what some folks were saying on social media and what I found will make you laugh, cry, angry, and sad. Indeed, lefties are the lost souls of our Nation.

So I’ve compiled a nice sampling of some of the worst! Enjoy!

Brandom: “Saying that “Americans are DREAMERS too” is like saying that “all lives matter”… ”

Elizabeth Warren: “I went to the  I wanted it burned into my eyes. If there’s ever a moment when I’m too tired to keep fighting, I just have to close my eyes & see , & applauding themselves for punching working families in the gut, & I’m back in this fight.”

Steve: “I didn’t watch the sedative laden, teleprompted “State of Delusion.” But next year? When Pelosi, maybe Schumer, sit behind Trump seeing his lies cascade over a sea of new faces?”

Holly: “Trump during : “America stands with the people of Iran in their courageous struggle for freedom.” Translation: I stand with the people of Iran, as long as they’re banned from entering the United States.

Joy Reid: “Church … family … police … military … the national anthem … Trump trying to call on all the tropes of 1950s-era nationalism. The goal of this speech appears to be to force the normalization of Trump on the terms of the bygone era his supporters are nostalgic for. ”

Cathy: ““Ending chain migration” is code for keeping families divided.

Nancy Pelosi: “. may have painfully tried to deceive the American people into thinking he’s not an unstable person, but no one’s falling for it. Rep. Joe Kennedy, on the other hand, embodied our values as a country and exemplified the optimism that Americans are seeking.”

#Biophilia: “I saw something special in months ago when I saw him speaking. His speech tonight made my intuition proud. Protect him and watch over him, for he is the future and the antidote to Trumpism. I’ll be proud to say President Kennedy in my lifetime.”

Ryan: “RECAP: Tonight, Donald Trump read off a teleprompter. Tomorrow, he will still be a treasonous president who is under investigation for conspiring with Russia and obstructing justice to cover it up.”

Ron: “Trump using a handful of murderous gang members as exemplars of legal immigration in this country — in the face of our long rich history as a nation of immigrants — is dishonest, dangerous and, yes, deplorable.”

Qasim: “Contrary to falsities •Undoc immigrants have LOWER crime rates than Native born •No such thing as “Chain migration” of extended families •No such thing as “green card handouts” •Black unemployment due to 44—not 45 •White supremacy—not immigrants—greatest terror threat”

Luisa: “Trump decides to keep Guantanamo open? Good, we can send him there when Mueller arrests Trump”

Caroline: “During a 90 minute speech, Trump never even acknowledged the existence of the movement. It’s almost like there’s something about it that makes him uncomfortable…”

RIPE: “For eight years, we had a President who was the epitome of class, elegance, and knew how to talk like a competent adult at the State of the Union. RETWEET if you miss President Obama!”

Brian: “Perhaps next year it should just be called “The State Of American Bigotry and Greed” address.”

Patton Oswalt: “Trump using heartbroken families and actual heroes of conscience to get applause for his horrifying, cowardly policies is instantly poisonous and embarrassing.”

Wajahat: “If you ever wondered what White nationalism would look like if it married oligarchy and reality TV, look no further than

Nancy Pelosi: “Build new vocational schools? With what? Your FY18 budget *cuts* these programs and career technician education, .

Sarah Silverman: “I was told darkness could not exist in the light. But here it is, for everyone to not see.”

Remy: “Immigrants commit fewer crimes than natural born citizens. Chain migration is an anti-immigrant slur. This speech is promoting lies that are based on white supremacy and comprised primarily of white nationalist talking points ”

Luisa: “”Americans are dreamers too” – Trump What next? White Lives Matter?”

ACLU: “”Chain migration” is an anti-immigrant slur. “Family reunification” is how many immigrants have arrived in this country.”

Erin: “Did he just say Americans are DREAMers too? DREAMers are more American than most of the people in that chamber”