Dreamers Seeming To Be Changing Their Minds on Trump’s Wall

Marissa Montes, co-director of the Loyola Immigrant Justice Clinic in Los Angeles has noticed a shift in the thinking of the illegal aliens in the DACA program.

Before they were adamantly against the building of the wall, but now they are resigned to the fact that they have no power to force the United States into an open borders country and instead are concentrating on what they can get is legal status with eventual citizenship in exchange for much more secure immigration security.

If this becomes widespread, it will make the Democrats extremely vulnerable because they would be the only ones to support opposing the wall. Many would see this as the Democrats mining for voters which is really what this is all about.

Montes said:

“It’s coming from a point of exhaustion — they’ve tried everything. Their instinct is survival and as human beings, how much longer can they endure this? They’re pingponging back and forth.”

From The Daily Caller

Democrats appear concerned about the optics as well. A Super PAC allied with Senate Democrats commissioned a poll in 12 battleground states to determine which party would be blamed if a shutdown was tied to the legal status of dreamers. The poll found that Democrats absorb most of the blame in such a scenario.

The poll, which was conducted in December by Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group on behalf of a Senate Majority PAC, also found that blame for a shutdown would be split between Trump and Republicans, and Democrats in Congress, The Washington Post reported earlier this month.

President Trump ended the illegal DACA program but extended it by six months in order to give Congress time to create a legal program through legislation. The program will end in March if there is no agreement. Democrats are toeing the line for now but in keeping with their recent history, seeing them in an unconditional surrender isn’t an unlikely scenario.

The key sticking points will be the elimination of chain migration and the diversity lottery and move to a merit-based immigration system. Surprisingly, Republicans show no sign of caving on the issue.