If Dreamer Amnesty Was Popular, Democrats Would Have Shut Down the Government

UNITED STATES - JANUARY 8: Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., heads to the Senate subway following a vote in the Capitol on Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Sen Tom Cotton made the point on Tuesday that if Dreamer amnesty was as popular as Democrats claim, they would have shut down the government over it. No truer words were ever spoken. The lamestream media and their polling have tried to convince the American voters that they favor granting amnesty to Dreamers but the truth is it isn’t even a top priority for Democratic voters. When asked to name the most pressing issues, Democrats placed amnesty in eighth place, just ahead of renegotiating NAFTA and far behind bringing down the cost of prescription medicine.

When asked if it was worth shutting the government down over it, just the Democrats alone favored it by less than 35% of the voters. When that poll came out, Democratic leadership quickly backed down and agreed to a temporary budget with no preconditions for Dreamer amnesty. Other types of amnesty and visas are quickly falling out of favor with a lot of people. Namely the diversity lottery visas and the chain migration. Of the last four terroris attacks, one was a diversity lottery winner, two were chain migrant and the fourth was a chain migrant of a diversity lottery winner.

Sen Cotton has been on the forefront of the immigration and amnesty debate and he fully supports President Trump’s agenda on immigration.


From Breitbart

In the most recent polling on mandatory E-Verify, conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, Americans overwhelmingly support the immigration initiative with 68 percent of voters supporting the plan. E-Verify is the system that prevents businesses from hiring illegal aliens over Americans.

Another 71 percent of voters said businesses should be required to hire from pools of Americans with the highest unemployment rates before importing cheaper, foreign workers through various visa programs or hiring illegal aliens.

The poll also revealed the vast support that economic nationalism has among the American public. Even if Americans had to pay more for products and goods, the Pulse Opinion Research poll showed nearly 60 percent of voters said it would be better for businesses to pay more to attract American workers even if prices did rise.

If I had to make a prediction right now, I would say that Congress will send President Trump a bill that provides little or no money for a wall and even less security on the border than we have now. I’m certain the bill would pass in both houses of Congress, but if Trump vetoes the bill, neither branch could override the veto. Minor concessions will be made but not enough. Of course, that is only a guess.