Donald Trump Warns Against Child Grabbers in Caravans

President Trump is warning against child grabbers, who use the children to improve their chances of gaining asylum in the United States.

He also questioned why a parent would take their children to a place where they know violence will erupt, like the attack on the border the illegals tried on Sunday. This is a real danger for children. Parents often allow strangers to take their children to the US, hoping for a better life, but many end up being sex slaves and prostitutes.

Both boys and girls. How long before the Democrats condemn him for telling the truth” 10-9-8-7…..

From Breitbart News

President Donald Trump expressed skepticism Monday about women and children who joined groups of migrants storming the border.

“In some cases, you know, they’re not the parents,” Trump said after he was asked by reporters about pictures of women and children running away from the tear gas deployed by United States border enforcement officials on Sunday.

“These are people, they call ’em grabbers,” he said. “They grab a child because they think they’ll have a certain status by having a child.”

Trump commented on the incident while speaking to reporters after hosting a roundtable meeting on prison reform in Mississippi.

He questioned why any parent would take their child to a place where they could be endangered by violence from migrants trying to rush the border.

“When you know there’s going to be potential violence, you know there’s going to be tear gas or something, you don’t take your child and bring them there,” he said.

The Democrats even condemned the idea of DNA tests to verify that the children illegals bring into the country are theirs. Does that mean Democrts really don’t care about the children? You betcha.