DOD Releases Video of Ship launching Tomahawk Missile [VIDEO]

The Department of Defense has released a video showing what it’s like when a Tomahawk missile is launched from a ship. Talk about shock and awe. But I’m sure the receiving end is more shocked than the people on the ship are. After all, having a cruise missile land in your lap has a tendency to ruin your whole day. The United States, Britain and France launched 105 missiles at three targets in Syria that are instrumental in the making of chemical weapons. This attack was retaliation for Syria attacking it’s own citizens with chemical weapons.

From The Conservative Tribune

The West is not trying to escalate the proxy war in Syria into the real thing, but there are limits that are going to be enforced. The days of the Obama administration, when the Syrian regime could disregard American “red lines” with impunity, are over.

“It’s intolerable for a civilized nation to use chemical weapons,” Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White told reporters, according to Fox. “This is a regime that murders its people daily.”

And if that keeps up, it’s a good chance there will be more Tomahawks and other missiles being fired by warships like the Monterrey.

And they’re going to look pretty bad to the soldiers on the receiving end.