DHS Chief Seeks New Angle For Handling Sanctuary City Officials

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee that her department and the Department of Justice have asked federal prosecutors if there are charges that could be brought against officials who shield illegal aliens and refuse to help federal officials arrest illegal aliens who have committed crimes.

Sanctuary city policies make it more dangerous for immigration officials and the general population at large. Instead of a nice orderly transfer from the city jail to ICE custody is much safer for everyone rather than forcing immigration officials to arrest the illegal alien in public. If you live in a sanctuary city or California, you need to wonder why such a low priority is placed on your safety in order to shield a law-breaking illegal alien.

Not only do arrests in public put the lives of innocent civilians at risk but by releasing a criminal alien, the odds of you becoming a victim rises exponentially. Ask Katie Steinle. An illegal who had been deported five times was in federal custody awaiting trial for illegal entry when San Francisco requested custody for a drug charge that was years past the statute of limitations, Then, instead of returning him to federal custody, they released him back on the streets where he shot and killed Katie Steinle in front of her father.

That person who requested him from federal custody should have been sentenced to a long prison stretch. They knew they couldn’t prosecute, so the only reason to take him was to prevent his prosecution and deportation.

From Fox News:

Last month, Rep. Todd Rokita, R-Ind., introduced a bill threatening elected officials in sanctuary cities with fines and prison time.

“Politicians don’t get to pick and choose what laws to comply with,” Rokita told Fox News at the time “Americans are dying because politicians sworn to uphold the law refuse to do so.”

Rokita introduced the bill in the wake of the Kate Steinle trial, in which an illegal immigrant who had been deported to Mexico five times was acquitted of murdering Steinle on a San Francisco pier in 2015.

It’s time we held liberal politicians responsible when they break the law. And no plea bargains either. Lock them up.