Devin Nunes Dissects Democratic Memo… It Ain’t Pretty

The Democrats from the House Intel Committee have finally released their memo after failing to get people upset that it wasn’t released when it was chock full of classified material.

At first, I didn’t know if it was a memo or a sketch from Saturday Night Live. The chairman of the committee, Chairman Devin Nunes wrote a five-page rebuttal that brutalized liar Adam Schiff. According to Schiff the FBI and DOJ did not abuse their power. Who in the hell do they think they are fooling? I guess liberal voters. The Democrats have been fooling them for years.

Some of the key points in the Dem spin memo via Zerohedge:

  1. The Steele Dossier was not the catalyst for launching the Trump-Russia probe
  2. The rationale for surveilling Carter Page was carefully weighed.
  3. The Nunes memo used classified information selectively and included distortions and misrepresentations
  4. Papadopoulos’ role as the original catalyst for the Trump-Russia investigation outlined.
  5. DOJ’s FISA application was carefully vetted and wasn’t used to spy on Trump or his campaign
  6. Steele’s information about Page’s contacts with Kremlin insiders like Sechin was consistent with Papadopoulos information
  7. DOJ was transparent with the court about Steele’s role and why he had reliable information
  8. Nunes memo’s references to Ohr are misleading and the Strzok/Page texts are irrelevant.

If the Democrats think their memo is going to get any traction outside of the liberal press then they should be immediately drug tested. There is already enough information in the public domain to substantiate the charges against the FBI and the DOJ for abuse of power. How else do you explain the rash of Deep State operatives who have resigned their jobs or have been demoted by the FBI and the DOJ?

The kick was wide to the left. I’m glad we have the common sense of a man like Nunes at the helm…