Denmark Refuses Citizenship to Children of Known ISIS Terrorists

Denmark is refusing to give citizenship to children of Islamist extremists. They could never do that here because the Democrats would circle the wagon to protect them and Nancy Pelosi would praise the terrorists for their divinity.

Their previous policy was to give the children citizenship but it hasn’t sat well with various elements of the population and so the deal was struck to change the law. Many in Denmark are opposed to the mass immigration required by the European Union and it is tugging the EU apart.

That’s why nationalists are winning elections all around the globe.

From Breitbart News

Christian Langballe, a spokesman for the DF, welcomed the proposal, saying the party had pushed for such a measure for an extended period of time.

“They are born down there, they have never known Denmark, they have no connection with Denmark, and we must remember that it is the parents who have chosen to go down in the war zone to fight for the Islamic State,” Langballe said.

It will also now be possible for the Danish government to strip the citizenship of Islamic State members who are dual nationals without going through the court system.

“We don’t want them back home.,” Langballe said and added, “We have seen returning Syrian warriors, for example, returning to France. Here they committed this terrible terrorist attack on, among other things, the Bataclan venue and murdered 129 people.”

The danger of returning fighters has also become an issue in neighboring Sweden where it has been alleged that some have begun attempting to recruit young people in underground mosques in the city of Malmö.