Dems Do Not Endorse Feinstein, The Reason Why Will Make Your Head Explode

For the first time in many years, Diane Feinstein has an excellent shot at losing her Senate seat, but it’s not from the Republican party but from her own party.

Neither the California state Democratic party or the DNC is endorsing her for reelection. She is now 84 and would be 90 by the time that term is up. But that’s not the reason she could lose. The reason that she could lose will make you flip. She’s not liberal enough for the party. That’s like saying Charley Manson wasn’t violent enough or that Hillary Clinton isn’t corrupt enough or that Maxine Waters isn’t dumb enough.

It’s just impossible to wrap your mind around that implication.

Feinstein’s challenger California State Senate Leader Kevin de León won the vote by 54-37 but fell short of the 60% needed to secure the endorsement. Still, he beat Feinstein by 17 points. That ain’t hay.

It also shows that in a state that is more liberal than any country has ever been, Feinstein has an excellent shot of going down to defeat. de Leon is considered to be much more liberal than Feinstein which is a scary thought but in reality, won’t affect the Republicans at all since liberals never vote with them anyway.

The vote will be the same, all that changes is the face.

From The Daily Caller

The California senator has $9,801,396 cash on hand leading into the November election — a campaign purse much larger than de Leon’s $359,261. Feinstein also has the California political-power players’ endorsements, like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Kamala Harris.

While party endorsement undoubtedly helps candidates and incumbents win a primary, Feinstein had previously secured a nomination without the Democratic-party backing. When Feinstein ran for governor in 1990, she notably lost delegates’ nomination for supporting capital punishment but went on to win the primary.

Feinstein spent the weekend campaigning on gun control in the wake of the Florida shooting that took 17 lives at the hands of the alleged 19-year-old deranged shooter.

Quick. Someone help California secede.