Dems In Deep Trouble: President Trump’s Broward County Florida ‘Homecoming Rally’ – 1 in 4 Attendees were Democrats!

If there is anything that proves the Democrats giant leap to the left is hurting the party, you need look no further than the Trump rally in Broward County Florida. One out of every four people attending the rally were democrats. These used to be known as Reagan Democrats but are now referred to as mentally unstable deplorables by the press and the DNC. many Democrat voters look at the pitiful offerings of the Democrats in the presidential race and can only shake their heads.

For many years this country fought a cold war against communism and just after we win that war, the Democratic Party embraces the failed policies that helped us win. We went from Reagan saying tear down that wall to Democrats saying don’t build that wall. We went from work hard and you will achieve nthe American dream to the Democrats saying you shouldn’t have to work to achieve the American dream.

Think about what happened in Broward County and realize the same pattern has held up at every rally Trump has held over the past few months. Democrats are flocking to hear President Trump speak. That is the kind of thing that will keep Nancy Pelosi up at night. I am making an official prediction. If the Republicans retake the House, Pelosi will retire within a year. She lingered hoping that Democrats would finally take over in the House but if they lose it the very next election, she will decide that there is no longer any sense in waiting.