Democrats Praise Comey But That Wasn’t Always Their Tune [VIDEO]

If you listen to Democrats today, they want to have his baby but not so long ago they were calling for his resignation or firing and we have the video to back it up. Why the difference? Simple, he thinks he is hurting Trump and so do they.

They believe 2018 will be a wave year and they are piling on everything they can. Of course, in 2016 they also thought Hillary would win a landslide election. How did that one work out for them? It’s almost 5 months until the election and in politics a week can be an eternity. Also, this is based on generic polling.

Elections do not have generic candidates and people vote for the individual instead.

Not so long ago, Democrats and that includes far left Democrats wanted Comey gone and they claimed he wasn’t up to the job. That includes such luminaries on the left like Crazy Auntie Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi.

Many other Democrats agreed and the GOP has made a video to remind voters of what Democrats were saying about Comey before he was fired. I’m sure it will be used in a lot of commercials this coming election if libs are foolish enough to try to make it an election issue.


From The Conservative Tribune

“Democrats have been very critical of James Comey, and many of us did call for his resignation,” Senator Chris Murphy — a Democrat — declared in the video that the left would no doubt like to see buried.

“I was appalled by what Director Comey did,” echoed Democrat Chuck Schumer.

“Comey acted in an outrageous way.” That was Senator Bernie Sanders.

“He (Comey) made a mistake,” scolded Democrat Nancy Pelosi. “Maybe he’s not in the right job.”

Sometimes the Luddite left really hate technology.