Democratic Senate (DSCC) Ran a Poll on SCOTUS Preferences…They Didn’t See This Coming

The Democratic Senate Committee posted a poll on Twitter asking people if they want more Supreme Court justices like Ruth Bader Ginsburg or like Brett Kavanagh.

My guess is that they wanted to use the poll results in order to make the case that Democrats need a majority to make sure they got more justices like Ginsburg. But, unfortunately, the poll didn’t go the way they hoped. They then deleted the Twitter thread two days before the voting was to end.

There were 46,138 votes just before they shut the voting down and Kavanaugh was leading 71% to 29%.

From Fox News

A Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Twitter poll asking what type of Supreme Court justices social media users would like to have on the bench apparently backfired when 71 percent of respondents selected “justices like Brett Kavanaugh” compared to just 29 percent who chose “justices like Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”

The poll, which is not scientific and open to anyone with a Twitter account, was posted on May 3 and stated it had two more days before it closed.

However, by Sunday afternoon, the tweet had vanished.

There is likely no pairing currently on the Supreme Court more dissimilar than Ginsburg and Kavanaugh.

Ginsburg is one of the longest-tenured justices on the Supreme Court and is known for her liberal dissents and refusal to step down from the post even as her health fails. She has in recent years become an icon in liberal circles for her stances on women’s rights, abortion and gender discrimination.