Democratic Rep. Bashes ICE for Arresting Career Criminal Illegal Alien at Courthouse

Democratic Rep. Nydia Velazquez has her underwear all in a wad because ICE agents arrested Panamanian national Diogenes Pinzon, who has been arrested 15 times in the last 2 1/4 years, including violent crimes, at the Brooklyn Criminal Court Friday morning.

ICE only recognizes the sanctity of churches and schools. Everywhere else is fair game. What is ICE supposed to do? They don’t have an address or a workplace for these criminals and sanctuary cities will not honor detainers, so they have two choices.

Arrest them at the courthouse or let them go. Pinzon was appearing in court on domestic violence charges.

From The Daily Caller

Pinzon, an illegal immigrant with a long criminal history, was in court fighting domestic violence charges in connection with allegations that he robbed and threatened his girlfriend in May 2017. The 38-year-old Pinzon has been arrested 15 times since 2005, authorities say.

Velazquez joined a chorus of immigration activists who cried foul because ICE agents had quietly entered the courthouse to carry out the arrest.

 Velazquez said:

“Extremely concerning to hear that ICE agents targeted an undocumented immigrant just outside Brooklyn Criminal Court this morning,” the New York congresswoman wrote on Twitter. “Such actions by ICE have no place in our City & I will be monitoring the situation carefully.”

ICE has defended the practice before since sanctuary cities will not cooperate with them, they are forced to use other methods. Anytime ICE is forced to make arrests in the homes or on the streets there is a danger for their agents. The thing that’s surprising is that the people of New York don’t seem to care that their politicians keep putting dangerous criminals back on the streets where they could become the next victim, not the politicians with their armed bodyguards.

Brooklyn Defender Services and the Legal Aid Society, organized a demonstration outside the Brooklyn Courthouse to protest the arrest. I think it’s safe to say no ICE agent will lose any sleep over that. Unlike sanctuary city officials who break their oath to uphold and defend the constitution, these officers do their duty.

They get satisfaction out of taking career criminals off the streets. Liberals have an orgasm every time they put on back on those streets. It’s almost as fulfilling as terminating unborn babies.

Diogenes is an odd name. Do any of you know who he was? he was a Greek philosopher who lived in a barrel and walked through Athens at night with a candle looking for one honest man.

My guess is that Diogenes Pichon could walk the full length of city hall without ever slowing down.