Democratic Congressional Candidate Arrested For Fraud and Theft

Writing this headline surprise the bejeebers out of me. I was really shocked. Normally Democrats wait until they get elected to start racking in the graft. Juliet Germanotta, 36, of La Crosse, Wisconsin is the exception to the rule.

It seems that Germanotta ordered a custom-made $4,800 ring. She then tried to return it as it wasn’t what she ordered. The ring she gave the jewelers was a fake and she then tried to sell the real ring. Mikaelians Jewelry realized right away that the ring was a fake and called police.

Germanotta bought the ring from a midtown Manhattan jeweler and then tried to sell the ring in Wisconsin. But the jewelry store realized that it was stolen and called police. Germanotta will be extradited to New York where she will face charges.

Germanotta describes herself as a fiscally conservative Democrat, She also says she is a  “proud transgender woman” and “ordained minister” with HIV. She is running as a Democrat in Wisconsin’s third congressional district in an attempt to unseat incumbent Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI).

From Breitbart

Mikaelians filed a complaint with the New York Police Department (NYPD) on October 2 after realizing that the returned ring was not real.

When Germanotta’s prospective buyer in Wisconsin took the ring to be checked out, the appraiser notified the Midtown Manhattan jewelry store, police said.

NYPD detectives caught up with Germanotta in Wisconsin, where she admitted to the crime, police said.

Germanotta was charged Tuesday as a fugitive in La Crosse County, Wisconsin, and agreed to waive extradition to New York—where she faces a felony count of grand larceny, the La Crosse Tribune reported.

Scientists are studying brainwaves to try to predict criminal behavior. That is a waste of money. I suggest they study the voter registration cards instead. Problem solved. WOW!