Democratic Candidate Blames Opponent For Her Own Massive Debt – The Reason is Surreal

Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate and former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez is in arrears to various counties in Texas for property taxes. But is it her fault?

Of course not, the blame belongs to her opponent, Gregg Abbott, the current and future governor of Texas.  Valdez owes $12,000 in taxes in 15 properties. It won’t cause her to lose the election though. Abbott, the increasingly popular governor of the state is expected to win by 20 or more points just as he did four years ago over the Democratic darling Wendy Davis. And Davis raked in millions from out of state that Valdez won’t.

“As we’ve been saying all along, under Greg Abbott’s failed leadership, property taxes are unpredictable and burdensome for Texans everywhere, including Sheriff Lupe Valdez. Sheriff Valdez has an agreement with the counties to payoff 2017 property taxes and plans to do so entirely in the coming months.”

From The Daily Caller

According to online property tax records reviewed by, Valdez owns or has an interest in some 15 properties, and has taxes that are considered delinquent on seven of them. County records show that Valdez has been making payments, but if they are not paid in full by July, the state will send them to a collection agency.

In addition, the Houston Chronicle noted that Valdez failed to provide several details on her official financial disclosure form going into her campaign.

“A Dallas property that she owns is not listed, and two companies listed on the filing have incorrect names on the form. Her campaign attributes those mistakes to typos.”

Texas is one of the lowest taxed states in the union and does not have a state income tax. So blaming Republicans for high taxes like those in the blue states is a prevarication. (That’s a polite term meaning “lie”)