Democrat Rep. Karen Bass: I’ll Support Impeachment Again if Trump Reelected

Ron White is absolutely right. You can’t fix stupid. The Democrats are not even pretending that impeachment is anything but political now. Karen Bass, the leader of the Congressional Black Caucus, says that she will be for impeachment if Trump is reelected. The truth is that I seriously doubt it. The Republicans will retake the House, pick up two seats in the Senate, Michigan and Alabama and retain the White House in a rout caused by the sham impeachment. They will not want a repeat in the 2022 midterm elections.

Bass was speaking with leftist Harvey Levin for TMZ. She says that she will push for impeachment again in 2021 if President Trump is reelected. In other wors, “To hell with the voters if they don’t agree with me.” A second Coup would be no more successful than the first two. Bass is a true believer but she would be faced with severe opposition from her own party if she tries to revive impeachment in the second term.

A transcript is as follows:

HARVEY LEVIN: If the American people reelect [President Trump], what does that say to you about the American people?

REP. KAREN BASS: I guess I am ultimately an optimist and I believe that the 2020 election, assuming we can stop him from trying to cheat, is in our hands. I think it’s our responsibility to turn people out and I feel very positive about that. Ever since he’s been elected, we have won thousands of races around the country. If we didn’t impeach him, that also creates a tremendous amount of rage amongst people, like in our city of Los Angeles. But, it’s really not about the election. It’s really about the fact that he has committed a crime. He has abused his power and he has consistently obstructed Congress from anything. He doesn’t even want people who don’t work for him anymore to speak to Congress.

LEVIN: There’s no such thing as double-jeopardy in an impeachment trial because it’s political.

REP. BASS: Exactly.

LEVIN: Suppose he gets reelected, but you’re right and you win back the Senate in a big way, if you did that, would you be inclined to take a second bite of the apple and reintroduce the exact same impeachment articles and then send it through again a second time — if you have a Democratic Senate on your side.

REP. BASS: Yes, but I don’t think it would be exactly the same. Here’s why: Because even though we’re impeaching him now, there’s still a number of court cases, there’s a ton of information that can come forward. For example, we can get his bank records and find out he’s owned 100 percent by the Russians. You are absolutely right in your scenario, but the only thing I’d say slightly different is that it might not be the same articles of impeachment because the odds are we’ll have a ton more information.