Dem Congressional Candidate Cenk Uygur Once Said He Would Legalize Bestiality

Cenk Uygur, one of the Young Turks is running for the congressional seat of Katie Hill, who was forced to resign after a threesome she was participating in included one of her staffers. She claimed it wasn’t a staffer but rather a campaign staffer. Ether way she was forced to give up her seat. But uygur could be worse. He said back in 2013 that if he were a benevolent dictator, he would legalize bestiality. I can picture him saying those three little words, “I love ewe.”

Uygur said that as long as the animal is brought to completion, no one gets hurt He told the host of the show that he had heard of a man who had sex with a horse but since the horse was gratified it was not a crime. But, how do you know the horse was fulfilled? Did he fire up a cigarette when it was over?

He also had some choice words about his rules for dating. He told the host about his rating system for women that revealed if they were worthy of receiving oral sex from them.

From The Daily Caller

Ferrer posted numerous other videos of the Democratic candidate making inappropriate remarks about women. In another video from 2013, Uygur discusses a rating system for women and explained what “score” a woman would have to be in his eye to “suck your dick.” A third 2013 video shows him talking about how “hot” women from the Dominican are.

Uygur is running for former California Democratic Rep. Katie Hill’s seat. Hill resigned in October after allegations that she slept with both a campaign staffer and a congressional staffer.

Also running for her seat is Republican George Papadopoulos, who spent 12 days in prison after being convicted of lying to the FBI about his contact with Russian-connected individuals during the 2016 campaign.