Insider Warns Deep State: Much Worse To Come!

The FISA memo will be released on Friday and it is bound to be chock full of juicy tidbits and evidence of wrongdoing by the Deep State at the FBI and DOJ and may even include some high ranking Obama administration figures including Susan Rice, Samantha Powers and Ben Rhodes.

It will document FISA abuse and will name the perps even though the FBI, DOJ, Democrats and the Deep State pleaded and threatened everyone in sight. It could turn into a real bloodbath especially if people start naming higher-ups. It could reach Obama himself.

But he could name his higher-ups like Michelle, Valerie Jarrett and George Soros.

Monica Crowley appeared on Fox Business and spoke about the FISA memo:

“This memo is about origination.”

“From what I’m hearing from my sources, this is about how this FISA warrant came into being and why and how it got approved and why and how it was used.” 

Then Crowley dropped a bomb:

“I also understand from some very good sources that this is the first of several memos so as bad as this memo might be, my understanding is there is worse coming down the pike.”

From The Gateway Pundit

This memo is sure to rock the FBI to its core says GOP Rep Jeff Duncan (R-SC). Duncan said on Thursday the memo will “show Americans just how the agency was weaponized by the Obama officials/DNC/HRC to target political adversaries”.

The FISA memo will be sent to the House Intel Committee Friday with redactions from the White House. The Committee will then release the memo on its timetable, reports CBS’s Major Garrett.

Release the memo without redacting names and let the chips fall where they may.

The president has already said that he will not redact the names. That should be a no-brainer. I know I want to know who did what and it could have another good effect. When some of the people see their name, they may want to clear themselves by naming the person who ordered them to commit the act in the first place.

Just one thing. If anyone wants to name Hillary Clinton, we should give them immunity, put them in a witness protection program and provide them with a large insurance policy for their family.