David Hogg’s Really Showing his TRUE Colors Now

David Hogg has not embarrassed himself enough yet apparently. That’s why he decided to expose himself as a racist and the fact that he is more than a little condescending to people of color.

You would have thought the shooting at a Maryland High School today would have humbled him after proving his stand is untenable. At Parkland, no one with a gun entered the building until all 17 people were already dead. Hogg and the other useful idiots that George Soros directs claims having armed officers or teachers is not the answer.

But in Maryland, the armed resource officer reacted the moment the first couple of shots were fired and he downed the shooter immediately, saving countless lives.

Since he couldn’t talk about the Maryland shooting without making himself look like a fool, h decided to talk about the races and make himself look like a foolish racist. Hogg tried to make the point that the media would have reacted totally differently had it been a black school that was attacked instead of Parkland.

Obviously, he is not familiar with the media. Had it been a black school, they would have covered it 24/7. (Will CNN treat him differently now that he has called them racists?) Hogg said he was going to use his white privilege to speak for the blacks.

Someone should tell him that black people are humans too and quite capable of speaking for themselves.

From The Conservative Tribune

But Hogg and his friends also appear to be pushing the liberal agenda of racial identity politics and the concept of “white privilege,” which he seemingly lamented even as he proceeded to state that he must use the “privilege” he possesses as a rich white male to speak on behalf of minorities who are apparently unable to do so themselves.

As pointed out by Real Clear Politics, Hogg insinuated that if the mass shooting that took place at his school had occurred in a poor black community instead of his more affluent and predominately white community, the mainstream media wouldn’t have cared as much. Moreover, he said the minority victims of gun violence wouldn’t have been presented the same opportunity to speak out, “no matter how well those people spoke.”

Won’t you be glad when Soros no longer can use him and no one wants to talk to this fool?