David Hogg Makes Fake News Commercial on Gun Control

If there was any doubt that David Hogg is nothing more than an undereducated snot-nosed brat on the gun control issue, a commercial he just made for the newest anti-gun walkout will erase all doubts.

In the commercial, Hogg asks “What if our politicians weren’t the bitch of the NRA?” Okay. Let’s examine this a bit. What he is saying is if you support the Second Amendment you are owned by the NRA.

If that is a fair statement, then isn’t Hogg tarred by the supporters of these walkouts? Of course, he would be. And who are the supporters who kick in money and advertising for these walkouts? Well, there is George Soros who funds several of the organizations behind the walkouts.

They are also supported by Tamika Mallory of the Women’s March. Mallory is also a huge supporter of screwy Louis Farrakhan a devoted racist who says all whites must die and all Jews are Satanic among his other statements.

So that means that David Hogg is the b*tch of George Soros and Tamika Mallory and the Women’s march and that makes him a racist that hates whites and Jews using his own logic.

But even that is not fair to the NRA or Second Amendment supporters because no mass shooting has ever involved an NRA member. But George Soros did aid the Nazis and helped them seize property belonging to Jews in Hungary and delivering letters to them that brought them in to be sent off to concentration camps. And of course, we are all familiar with Farrakhan’s bigotry.

There is also a major factual error in Hogg’s commercial. He said that Conor lamb won the special election because he was anti-gun. Conor Lamb is very much a supporter of the Second Amendment and he owns several guns himself.

He spoke out against the gun grabbing that Hogg endorses. Had Hogg taken one minute to do a Google search, he would have known better but he is an echo chamber and not a thoughtful human being.