David Hogg Calls For Boycott of Laura Ingraham After She Points Out an Inconvenient Fact

If anyone forgot that David Hogg is anything but a mature adult, his most recent rant will remind people in a hurry. Hoof wild is the best way to describe his latest crusade. Like most of us, Ingraham was surprised when Hogg tried to explain why the good colleges rejected him by saying that a lot of amazing people don’t get into college. Then he doubled down by saying that he is changing the world. I have serious doubts that he could change a light bulb. Hogg pointed out that several others in his merry band of underachievers are having trouble getting into a good school.

But at the end of the day sanity raises it’s ugly head and bites people like Hogg in a place that the sun don’t shine. So, what did Ingraham tweet out that was so bad? She pointed out that because of his GPA (Grade point average) he shouldn’t expect to get into a top tier school. There’s just too much competition for enrollment spots. But Hogg believes he is special and his grades should be overlooked and if they’re not, then he will lead a boycott.



From The Daily Caller

Hogg previously called for a boycott of companies tied to the NRA after the shooting at his school left 17 people dead. The shooting followed a series of governmental failures.

Boycotts have become liberal activists’ preferred method of silencing right-of-center voices in the media.

Liberal groups have repeatedly targeted Fox News host Sean Hannity, with limited success.

Will advertisers drop Ingraham and her huge ratings and whose fans actually have real jobs and spend real money or will they go politically correct and boycott? If money is the deciding factor, Ingraham is safe. I remember a few years back, the left attacked Rush Limbaugh’s sponsors. His fans boycotted those companies and at least one very large sponsor begged to get their sponsorship back but Limbaugh told them to shove it and one of their major rivals took their place. They have never fully recovered.