David Hogg Asks For Professional Advice From Dan Rather [VIDEO]

David Hogg joined the original face of fake news, Dan Rather, on the show “Unreliable Sources” with Brian Stelter. While discussion gun confiscation, Hogg took time to ask for professional advice from the fake news legend.

Credit: Maureen Dowling

STELTER: “I wonder David, I’ve been interested in your story because you were working for the TV station at school, you were the news director of the station. You have been thinking about getting into journalism. Are you thinking about trying to major in journalism some day or are you thinking about more of a political path?”

HOGG: “Yes, to both.”

STELTER: “To both. Still thinking about it.”

HOGG: “So honestly, what I’d like to do personally is I’d love to go somewhere like Harvard for poli sci or go to Northwestern for journalism. But, honestly, even a day after the shooting, I got rejected from one of my safety schools, Cal State Long Beach.”

STELTER: “It happens to all of us.”

HOGG: “Yeah, it does, it really does. But, um, I mean honestly, I wanna continue on. I wanna continue learning. I might have to take a gap year to during midterms to help out on these campaigns. I want to continue to change the world and the only way I’m going to be able to do that, the only way the American public is going to be able to do that, is through education.”

STELTER: “Anything you wanna know from Dan Rather?”

HOGG: “Got any advice?”

RATHER: “Writing is the bedrock of the craft. If you want to do anything in journalism, learn to write. Dedicate yourself to a lifetime of improving your writing. I can’t guarantee you’ll be famous and make a lot of money. But you can have a very satisfying career if you concentrate on writing.”

HOGG: “absolutely.

I find it ironic that Hogg would take advice from a disgraced journalist. If you remember, Rather was caught using counterfeit documents in a story. He had been warned by an expert sent in to examine that she couldn’t verify the documents and told him he shouldn’t use them. He did anyway and the documents were declared to be counterfeits and not very good ones at that. But even though he was fired and exiled from Journalism, he still insists to this very day that the documents were real.

Hogg doesn’t play that game. He just gives out stupid advice like spring break should be held in Puerto Rico. Only 75% of the hotels are open and 15% of the island still doesn’t have power. In addition, if swarms of American tourists went there, it would probably cause an overload and with their power grid problems, it could be a disaster.