Damore lawsuit Exposes Google’s Support for This Terrorist Group

The lawsuit that was filed by James Damore against Google for discrimination against white male conservatives has exposed the fact that Google employees not only supported a terrorist group but that they endorsed violence as well. It also shows that Google didn’t mind those comments but did go after anyone whose opinions differed from the ultra liberal management of Google. Damore was fired after he wrote an well reasoned and informative internal document on the dangers of diversity for diversity’s sake. Damore has produced comments from Google employees that show support for antifa, a group condemned by Nancy Pelosi. U.S. security agencies have classified antifa as a domestic terror organization.

From Breitbart

Google, according to information released in the Damore lawsuit, is less keen to distance themselves. Numerous posts on internal company communication channels show employees agreeing with, and endorsing Antifa and political violence.

Breitbart News has previously raised the issue of political violence with Google, after one of its former employees, Tim Chevalier, was revealed to have made multiple calls for political violence on his public social media profiles while at the company. At the time, Google declined to offer a condemnation of Chevalier’s comments, and also declined to offer a general condemnation of political violence or of the Antifa movement.

Damore notes that several of Google employees use a symbol of ntifa on their posts.

Damore has offered the following in his lawsuit to show the depth of support antifa has at Google:

Here’s hoping that Damore exposes Google for what it is and I hope he wins a boatload of money.