DACA Protesters Go to Capitol Hill…Didn’t See This Coming

Some DACA recipients decided to protest outside the offices of GOP Sens. Bill Cassidy and John Cornyn. Unlike liberal cities such as Baltimore and Ferguson, the Capitol Police do not allow protesters to block access to congressional offices and they showed up and arrested seven of the demonstrators.

The sweet irony in this is that by committing a crime while on protected status can get your Dreamer status revoked and lead to deportation. And we know this administration is not shy about deporting illegals.

The so-called Dreamers have insisted that Democrats shut down the government unless Dreamers are given amnesty and that they block every attempt to secure the border. Since there are over 3 million illegals who qualify for DACA, if they were to become legal residents in the United States, they could begin bringing in an unlimited number of their relatives who would also have legal status and a path for citizenship. On average every two immigrants bring in seven of their relatives.

It could easily lead to 10 million new Democratic voters.

I hope the Democrats hold their ground forcing Republicans to drop the idea of DACA amnesty. It would benefit them in the 2018 elections. The amnesty issue is one of the major reasons Donald Trump occupies the Oval Office instead of Hillary. Passing amnesty for Dreamers could negatively impact their chances for holding onto the House and Senate.

From The Daily Caller

Republican and Democrats have been fighting about how to reach an agreement on the border wall and how to deal with those on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Democrats have threatened to shut down the government if there is not a deal that provides amnesty for DREAMers. Various groups have been staging protests on Capitol Hill to call for the Dream Act, which would allow illegal immigrants brought to the country as children to become citizens.The Protesters were arrested for “crowding, obstructing or incommoding,” Capitol Hill police explained to TheDCNF.

DACA was an illegal program and if Congress passes an amnesty bill, you will see a tsunami of illegals at our borders.