Conservatives Sue California for Failing to Keep Non-Citizens off Voter Rolls

This is why we must never switch to popular voting.

California was registering illegal aliens to vote. And not only did they register, they actually voted. Voter fraud by anything another name would smell as corrupt. Interestingly, two of the three plaintiffs are naturalized citizens who claim their votes are being diluted by illegal aliens.

They are suing both the state head of the DMV and the Secretary of State of California. They are required by federal law to make sure anyone registered to vote is confirmed before putting them on the voter rolls. But they don’t even make a pretense of checking.

The complaint itself alleges:

In direct violation of his duties to ensure that only eligible voters are placed on the voter rolls, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla has established a pattern and practice of doing nothing to verify that a potential voter is a United States citizen, thus causing non-citizens to be placed on the voter rolls.

The Secretary of State has forsaken his duty to ensure that non-citizens are never placed on the voter rolls, and has relegated his office to that of a glorified clerk simply transmitting the data from the voter registration application to the counties for data entry purposes.

When the Secretary of State allows non-citizens to be placed on the voting rolls, the state mails balloting material to these ineligible voters. This creates confusion in the minds of non-citizens as to whether they are eligible to vote in federal elections, and enables non-citizens who deliberately registered to vote, to vote illegally, in violation of federal laws.

In addition to the Secretary of State abdicating his duty to verify eligibility of all voters, the Department of Motor Vehicles does not transmit to the Secretary of State’s office the information that enables the Secretary of State to assess the eligibility of the applicant.