CNN Political Director: It’s All Over… Kavanaugh Is In

It might have been the hardest admission anyone at CNN has had to make since Trump trounced Clinton for the presidency. CNN political director David Chalian said that the writing is on the wall and the Democrats best efforts of framing Brett Kavanaugh has failed and that he will be confirmed as the newest justice on the Supreme Court.

The cloture vote is to take place Friday morning and the confirmation vote is expected to take place on Saturday afternoon or night. But don’t be surprised if the vote takes place on Sunday or Monday. Sen Daines will be attending his daughter’s wedding and won’t be able to vote on Saturday. If his vote is needed, the voting could be moved back.

From The Hill

Chalian and anchor Kate Bolduan noted that Collins and Sen. Jeff Flake(R-Ariz.), two key GOP swing votes on Kavanaugh’s nomination, had previously expressed concerns about how the allegations against him were being handled.

Flake on Thursday told reporters that the FBI review found “no additional corroborating information” about the claims against Kavanaugh.

With both senators essentially giving the FBI investigation a stamp of approval, it appears extremely unlikely either one would use that as a reason to vote against Kavanaugh.

“We don’t know [Collins’s] vote, but I think every indication right there … [is] this is moving toward Kavanaugh’s confirmation,” Chalian said.

The FBI has now done 7 background checks on Brett Kavanaugh and he passed them all with flying colors. In fact, this time there was some new information but it was against Ford and not for her. Her best friend from school, Leland Keyser says that Ford’s friends contacted her, trying to get her to lie for Ford.