Chuck Grassley Rips Comey: You Missed Key Evidence In Clinton Investigation. I’m Going To Find It

Sen Chuck Grassley was being polite. Comey didn’t miss it, he chose to ignore it. When the State Department says there were 600 instances where classified emails were sent to Hillary’s illegal and unprotected server and cited 38 employers for a breach in sending these classified emails, that would be as hard to spot as a lion in your living room. Grassley says he plans to -pick up the ball and run with it. He is still trying to get the State Department to give him a list of the 38 employees and what punishment if any they suffered.

From The Daily Wire

On Tuesday, Senator Charles Grassley released a statement slamming former FBI Director James Comey for his failure during the Hillary Clinton investigation to find out that government officials deliberately transmitted classified information on unclassified systems.

Grassley stated:

The State Department report said: “Instances of classified information being deliberately transmitted via unclassified email were the rare exception and resulted in adjudicated security violations.” That clearly says some individuals deliberately transmitted classified information on unclassified systems. Those individuals were subject to security sanctions but the State Department failed to describe who the violators were and what the sanctions were. Those answers ought to be forthcoming and I intend to follow up. Ensuring the proper handling of highly classified information is an issue that should garner bipartisan support.

Grassley noted that he had recently released a report from the State Department that noted Clinton’s use of a non-government server for government business caused 588 security violations for mishandling classified information. He continued, “If the average American did that, they’d lose their clearance, their job, and might even go to jail.”