Chinese Media Running Anti-Trump Ads

China has run ads in Republican congressional districts in California over tariffs. They are running a disinformation campaign, just like Democrats claim that Russia did in 2016. If it were illegal then, wouldn’t it be illegal now?

Also, Sen Diane Feinstein and her husband have made millions in China ever since she was elected as Senator. She and her husband often go to China and probably hold top-secret meetings, right? That’s what Democrats say about Republicans. But, the tariffs will be temporary for the most part, because Trump is using them for leverage to get trading partners to do away with theirs, that creates an unlevel playing field for American products.

From Breitbart News

The animated video was published in the “opinion” section of the China Global Television Network (CGTN) website. CGTN is an “international media organization” owned by China Central Television, the state television network in China.

The video depicts an almond complaining: “President Donald Trump has started a trade war against China. In retaliation, China has enacted a 50-percent combined tax on me, my friend pistachio, and other classic California produce.”

The video continues:

California’s 7,000 almond growers have actually been left out in the cold.

Though the traditionally blue state voted for the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016, many of our state’s farmers supported Trump. Some of our top almond-producing regions in the state are actually represented by Republicans.

But unfortunately, with neither trade nor aid, our state’s farmers now stand to lose the most in this escalating trade war.

Tell me, do you want all those fruits, nuts, and veggies to pile up and rot simply because President Trump is killing trade at the expense of the many?

The ads may not even be illegal since they name no candidate running in 2018. Foreigners can run advocacy ads as long as they don’t promote or run down any candidate by name.