Children Stare Up Drag Queen’s Miniskirt During Drag Performer Library Story Hour

What is wrong with libraries that allow drag queens to come in and read to children. More importantly, what is wrong with parents who bring their children to see them.  In the latest case in Minnesota, the drag queen not only wore a very mini skirt but then he spread his legs so the children could look up his skirt.

Drag Queen Story Hour, Photo courtesy of Child Protection League Action

This is not an educational program, this is a recruitment event and the parents of the children seem fine with it. Where is child protective services when you really need them? Is this really what you want your children exposed to?

From The Daily Caller

  • A photo shows children at a “Stories Together With Drag Performers” event in Hennepin County, Minnesota.
  • A volunteer from the Child Protection League took the photo.
  • Hennepin County told the Daily Caller News Foundation in a statement it recently realized “the need for a performer dress code.”

Children attending a “Stories Together With Drag Performers” event in Minnesota saw up a drag queen’s skirt as the drag queen sat spread legged in front of them.

A volunteer from the Child Protection League (CPL), a nonprofit organization that seeks to protect children from “exploitation, indoctrination, and violence,” attended the event on Oct. 17 at Ridgedale Library in Hennepin County, CPL President Michele Lentz told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“Debauchery and sexual grooming are going on at our local tax-payer funded, Hennepin county public libraries right now,” CPL said in a Facebook post. “This ‘performer’ from Oct. 17, is most likely only 18 or 19 years old, from his social media, it looks like he just graduated from high school. What kind of parents bring their children to watch an adult strip club entertainer read transgender books?”

“We found out that the Hennepin County library association had scheduled drag queen story hours in 18 different libraries within Hennepin County,” Lentz told the DCNF.