Chelsea Manning Unveils Bizarre Senate Campaign Platform

Chelsea Manning was convicted of espionage against the United States but ended up only serving a little time for the offenses she committed when she was still Bradley Manning. She has now unveiled her platform for her campaign to dethrone longtime Senator Ben Cardin. She has done the impossible. She makes Cardin look good.

Here is what Manning says she will fight for as a US Senator. She wants to abolish the border patrol and ICE and throw the border wide open to illegal immigrants. She wants to disband police departments. She wants to do away with prisons. She wants to establish a Universal Basic Income and a single-payer healthcare system.

She wants to tear down border walls and refuse to build new ones.

Manning was convicted and sentenced to 35 years in prison but Obama commuted her sentence to about 2 years just days before he left office. She stole copious amounts of documents and gave them to Wikileaks to put up on the internet. She would be the first transgender Senator although the jury is still out on Claire McCaskill.

From The Washington Times

“We believe the solution to the so-called ‘immigration’ issue, which amounts to nothing more than justification for ethnic cleansing in America, is not to reform but to abolish I.C.E.,” reads a portion of Ms. Manning’s newly launched Senate campaign website.

“History has proven that border walls will inevitably be used to keep people in as much as they’re used to keep people out. We need to tear down the border walls. We need to abolish the C.B.P.,” added Ms. Manning, 30.
Other issues touted as part of Ms. Manning’s campaign platform include creating a universal single-payer healthcare program, establishing a Universal Basic Income, eradicating the existing prison system, and demilitarizing and disbanding police forces, among others.