CalExit Receives GIANT Leap, Possible Splitting May Be Imminent

California is at it again. Once again they want to secede from the Union. I say let them. It’s not really America there now anyway. They can now start gathering signatures in order to get it on the ballot in 2021 in a special election. If I lived closer, I would help them acquire the signatures they need. There is one immediate benefit for the country as I see it and that’s in the US Congress.

Currently, the Republicans control the Senate 51-49. With California gone, that would become 51-47. In the House, Democrats have 39 reps to the Republican’s 14. Republicans have the majority 236-193, with six vacancies.

After California would leave the spread would become initially 236-168, a pick up of 25 seats.

You have to wonder what their thinking is after all, without being part of the US, California will be the first country with a poverty rate of 90%. They would lose all of their military bases and any company that wouldn’t want to be charged tariffs for selling their goods in the other 49 states.

They are already nearly bankrupt and they have 11% of their population would be illegal immigrants. That would be a huge burden on them and people in their fifties would lose their Social Security.

But they would get just what they deserve.

From NBC News

At the same time, there’s a “New California” conservative movement that seeks to carve out rural counties into the 51st state. But this isn’t a ballot initiative. The group is lining up support in counties and then hopes to take it to the Legislature and then Congress.

So far, the group claims to have at least 38 of the state’s 58 counties.

“People are really disenchanted with what they’re seeing in Sacramento,” said Paul Preston, vice chair of the New California movement.

He complained that the controversial sanctuary state law along with state over-regulation are just some of the concerns fueling interest in the split.

“We’ll have 49 counties at the end of this,” said Preston. “We want this to be a win-win for California and New California.”

But Kaplowitz said having California split into three separate states — or even a 51st state — would be “unruly and chances of it happening any time soon are slim to none.”