Broward County Sheriff Is In REALLY Hot Water Now!

Florida elected representatives have signed a letter calling for Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel to resign and if he doesn’t they want Florida Governor Rick Scott to remove him from office.

Israel’s leadership has been the topic of many discussions as to what happened in Parkland, including three deputies and one school resource officer all remaining outside the building as Nikolas Cruz slaughtered 17 people inside. Speculation says that the officers could have been ordered not to go inside. How else do you explain why three veteran officers failed to protect the children in the school.

One might be a coward but four sounds more like a really bad plan.

This is not the first time Israel’s competence has been questioned. Remember when 5 people were killed and six wounded at the airport in Ft Lauderdale at the airport? Guess who was in charge of that operation that turned into a mishandled situation? Scott Israel. He didn’t even make arrangements for a place for SWAT to land.

He didn’t have his officers secure the area the shooting took place in. He just called it in. Ironically enough, the FBI screwed that one up, too. The shooter,  Esteban Santiago, 26, walked into the FBI headquarters in Alaska and told them he was a danger and that he was hearing voices but the FBI decided he wasn’t a threat.

From CNN

In November, Santiago paid a visit to the FBI office in Anchorage, telling agents he was hearing voices and being directed by a US intelligence agency to watch ISIS videos, law enforcement sources told CNN.
George Piro, the FBI’s special agent in charge in Miami, told reporters that Santiago was turned over to local authorities and he voluntarily submitted to a mental health evaluation.
“His erratic behavior concerned FBI agents,” Piro said Saturday.
The military said Santiago’s nine years of service in the National Guard included one 10-month tour of Iraq, where he was awarded a combat action badge.
I agree with the Florida legislators, this clown has to go.