BREAKING: Whistleblower Holds White House Meeting Same Day Ukraine Told to Fire Prosecutor Investigating Burisma

If you believe in coincidences, I have one for you. On the same day that He Who Shall Not Be named held a meeting in the White House with Ukrainian diplomat Andrii Telizhenko on January 19, 2016. That happens to be the first time that Ukraine was asked to fire the prosecutor looking into the Bidens and Burisma. They did not fire him and that’s when Joe Biden stepped in with his quid pro quo offer. Ukraine was in deep financial straits and could not afford to lose the one billion dollar loan guaranty. They had to fire the prosecutor or the government would have collapsed.

The New York Times ran a story that Joe Biden’s staff was worried about Hunter Biden’s deal with Burisma and asked the State Department to investigate. They were worried the optics would be bad. But, when they first brought up Hunter Biden’s lobbying activities in 2008, Joe flew off the handle and no one wanted to be dressed down by him again.


This is one of the reasons it’s so crucial that He Who Shall Not Be Named be forced to testify. His past deeds are a good indicator of where his complaint is coming from.  he has a lot to answer for. That’s why Schiff won’t let him testify. But, Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham says that unless He Who Shall Not Be named testifies before GOP Senators, impeachment is dead on arrival.

The truth is he is not a whistleblower for two reasons. Number one is the fact that the whistleblower laws pertain to members of the intelligence agencies reporting on another member of the intelligence communities and the President is not included as the head of the Executive Branch. And two, he passed on information to Adam Schiff before sharing it with the Inspector general.